It's Electrifying: Converting Domestic Hot Water Systems

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The third installment in Urban Green’s series, It’s Electrifying, explores the opportunities and barriers to electrifying domestic hot water (DHW) systems in multifamily buildings.

While electrifying hot water systems can be less complex than electrifying building heating systems, this work will have its own challenges:

  • What are the technological barriers? Do any seem insurmountable?
  • How well can new hot water equipment interface with existing piping and infrastructure?
  • How does solar thermal fit in? Is there a future for combined thermal / PV panels in the NYC market?
  • Can heat pumps entirely replace conventional hot water heaters, or will backup options be needed?

This educational series builds upon Urban Green’s 2017 conference, It's Electrifying: Exploring NYC’s Climate Plan to Electrify Buildings, which examined when building electrification might happen, which technologies will arise, and who will do the work.

12/7 | It's Electrifying: Converting Heating Systems

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