Greener, Greater Buildings Plan

At the request of the Mayor's Office, Urban Green Council helped shape and enact New York City's 2009 Greener, Greater Buildings Plan (GGBP), the most comprehensive program in the country to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from new and existing buildings.

Under the umbrella of PlaNYC, which outlines measures to reduce our city’s total carbon footprint 30% by 2030, GGBP’s four laws are expected to reduce the city's carbon footprint by nearly 5%.

Local Laws covered by the Greener, Greater Buildings Plan include:

LL84: Benchmarking
LL85: NYC Energy Conservation Code (NYCECC)
LL87: Audits & Retro-commissioning
LL88: Lighting Upgrades & Submetering

GGBP and the Energy Conservation Construction Code

The Energy Conservation Construction Code of New York State (ECCCNYS-2010), was updated effective December 28, 2010, and is now mandatory throughout the state. The code regulates the design and construction of buildings for the effective use of energy, while providing flexibility to allow the use of innovative approaches and techniques.

The NYC Energy Code (LL85) is even more stringent than the state code and works in conjunction with the other three laws of the GGBP to address greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the largest emitters (although LL85 affects all buildings). Buildings over 50,000 SF represent only 2% of the total properties in New York City, but account for half of the city’s square footage and 45% of the city’s total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.  Taken together, the GGBP laws encourage energy efficiency in these larger buildings, which have the financial, technical and managerial resources to implement these important changes.

Urban Green is now offering complimentary presentations from our specially trained Speakers bureau on LL87, Audits and Retro-Commissioning. Complete details are here.

In Fall 2011, Urban Green offered training courses for all building owners, operators and managers to educate them on the requirements for Benchmarking (Local Law 84). Course materials can be found here.