Announcing the Conquering the Energy Code Course Series

Calling all architects and engineers!

Are you aware that when the updated New York State Energy Conservation Construction Code (NYSECCC) is adopted next year, building projects will need to meet new and more stringent energy code requirements?

Are you confident in your answers to the following questions?

  • Which buildings must comply with the commercial code and which with residential?
  • What work for projects in existing buildings needs to comply with the code?
  • Which buildings will require blower door testing to confirm maximum air leakage rates?

Urban Green Council is here to answer all of these and more in our new course: Conquering the Energy Code.

Our approach

Conquering the Code is designed for professionals who may be familiar with the energy code but have questions about the requirements and how to comply. The course starts with the basic parameters of the energy code. The core of the class is an overview of the residential or commercial provisions, and ends with an explanation of what documentation plan examiners are looking for, and how the progress inspection process works.

Using the energy code’s systems-based approach, Conquering the Code focuses on separate sections like the building thermal envelope, mechanical and hot water systems, and electrical and lighting systems.

The course teaches participants how to evaluate and select the right compliance path for their project, and what documentation is needed to show compliance. It also covers all of the mandatory prescriptive requirements and the context underlying each provision. We provide a workbook for participants to use as a desk reference to help navigate the code book and find relevant information when submittal drawings are due.

Industry outreach during curriculum development revealed that a common obstacle to compliance was lack of communication and coordination among the design team members. Conquer the Code includes best practices to improve design team communication to more easily achieve compliance.

For a detailed course outline and description please visit the Conquering the Energy Code webpage. To view our upcoming courses please visit Urban Green Council’s events calendar.

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