Energy Code Compliance Horror Stories

Halloween is approaching, as is the one-year anniversary of the 2015 NYS Energy Code. And, like a good corn maze, making your way through the Energy Code can be spooky. Stay safe this Halloween—register for an upcoming Conquering the Energy Code course to learn the latest compliance requirements and protect yourself from scary situations like these.

The Silence of the Certificates of Occupancy

“We have had two separate projects where the Certificate of Occupancy was held up because the DOB [Department of Buildings] found inconsistencies between the submitted energy analyses forms and the built conditions. On both projects, it turned out that the architect had filed ComCheck using ASHRAE criteria, and the MEP engineer had filed using NYCECC due to poor communication. We couldn’t get the Certificate of Occupancy on either project until the issues were fixed, resulting in frantic clients and owners.” 

- Engineer, large engineering firm, NYC

Nightmare on Code Street

 “I was serving as the Building Envelope Commissioning Agent for a hospital addition. While reviewing the completed drawings, I realized the wall details did not reference code, there was no continuous insulation shown in the steel stud walls and the drawings did not show any air barrier information at all.

When I asked the architect which Energy Code compliance path was followed, I got a blank stare. The architect looked at the mechanical engineer, who looked right back at them. They hadn’t even considered it! Long story short, the project was delayed while we worked together to fix the drawings and redo the wall details.” 

- Engineer, medium-sized engineering firm, Syracuse, NY

Conjuring the Code

“The most common issue we see that results in project delays is that the drawing set is not complete or coordinated enough to comply properly with the Energy Code. Energy code documents for a new building require detailed information from electrical, mechanical and plumbing drawings, as well as information about the exterior walls, windows, roofs and slabs. The drawing set needs to be fairly complete to file properly.” – Code Consultant, large expediting firm, NYC

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