Thank You Spring Interns!

April showers bring May flowers (which will bring June berries) — and summer interns! Before we welcome some new faces, we’d like to recognize the fantastic spring interns moving on to new challenges. Thank you to Patricia and Chris for being a crucial part of our team and going above and beyond to help out other departments.

Patricia Oviedo
Education Development Intern

Patricia will be working on an eco-tourism project this summer in Pacora, Colombia designed to integrate displaced communities in the region through sustainable agricultural techniques. She seeks to decrease injustices to indigenous communities globally by empowering them through workshops.

“Working with the Education Development team at Urban Green Council has been an invaluable learning experience. It has given me hope for what the green building industry can achieve to promote sustainability and reduce carbon emissions—two things that cannot be taken lightly in today’s world. In my time here, I have gained skills and extensive knowledge about green building techniques, energy codes, and new innovative practices that can significantly impact health, resources and the environment. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with a group of unique individuals who care so much about making a difference and value the importance of working collectively to make NYC and all cities more sustainable. Thank you, Urban Green!”

Chris Hepner
Communications and Development Intern

Chris will be entering a new position as Marketing Coordinator at SCAPE / Landscape Architecture.

“With a background in urban design and an interest in green infrastructure, I was drawn to Urban Green Council’s mission to educate and create a sustainable city, from research to action. My Communications and Development internship not only gave me the tools to move forward into my next position, but gave me confidence that my skills could be used for building a greener New York City. The friendships and professional contacts I made enhanced my experience more than I could have predicted. It was great to learn so much about social media, marketing, web graphics, branding and engaging with sponsors and members at Urban Green events.”

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