Featured: Carnegie House


100 W 57th Street
New York, NY 10019

Quick Facts

  • 23% reduction in energy use
  • Annual cost savings: $139,000


After 50 years of operation, Carnegie House was in need of an overall energy efficiency upgrade-- it’s 50-year-old mechanical system was increasing maintenance and energy costs due to the building’s leaky pipes, dated pumps, and an inadequate ventilation system. Contractors repaired stream line, insulated pipes, replaced Carnegie House’s absorption chiller, along with aging pumps, motors, pipes, ventilation fans and valves. These repairs and replacements have produced 5,661 million Btu in steam savings and 113, 472 kwH in electricity savings.

What Makes this Property Great

  • Upgrade to ventilation system, steam line
  • Energy efficient lighting fixtures and motion sensors

Building Info

  • Project Type: Retrofit
  • Building Type: Multifamily Residential
  • Year Built: 1962


“In fewer than six years, the project will have paid for itself in savings.”

Building / Project Team

  • Building Owner: Carnegie House Tenants Corp.
  • Building Manager: Chris Kelly
  • Service Provider: EN-POWER GROUP
  • Incentive Provider: NYSERDA

Case Study Information Provided By: NYSERDA